Personalized chocolate coins are classified as new approach adopted by many organizations to promote their merchandise. These coins are also being used to motivate workers. The diligent folks at work are compensated for their performance by awarding these coins. The chocolate corporations are using brand new technological innovation known as chocolography. This technology is being used to transfer photographs and other ideas on to items of chocolate to produce individual coins. This new technology permits a photograph, picture or idea to be transferred towards the outer lining spot in the chocolate. The organizations offer chocolate coins at the conferences and special give away to customers and business people as well.

This idea of chocolate coins is now being incorporated in celebrations and marriage mementos. The photos of the happy couple or the titles are placed on to the outer lining region of the chocolate coins. These coins are now becoming popular in the birthday celebrations as well. These are either served to the guests or used as birthday present. Different kinds of chocolates are used in making the chocolate coins. Some use regular chocolate whereas some companies specialize in using dark chocolate to make chocolate coins. Since you can get customized chocolate coins so you can choose the preferred chocolate for your coins. You can also mix vanilla flavor in some of the chocolate coins to give a unique taste.

From basic to very challenging designs, you can get any photo, image or idea incorporated in these coins. A picture of a person or a firm integrated in the chocolate coin make a lasting impact. Using chocolate coins for business promotion or celebrating other functions offers a novel perspective with tremendous delight. So if you are looking to advertise your business with novelty along with celebrating a personal function then get your hands on customized chocolate coins.


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