Personalized chocolate coins are classified as new approach adopted by many organizations to promote their merchandise. These coins are also being used to motivate workers. The diligent folks at work are compensated for their performance by awarding these coins. The chocolate corporations are using brand new technological innovation known as chocolography. This technology is being used to transfer photographs and other ideas on to items of chocolate to produce individual coins. This new technology permits a photograph, picture or idea to be transferred towards the outer lining spot in the chocolate. The organizations offer chocolate coins at the conferences and special give away to customers and business people as well.

This idea of chocolate coins is now being incorporated in celebrations and marriage mementos. The photos of the happy couple or the titles are placed on to the outer lining region of the chocolate coins. These coins are now becoming popular in the birthday celebrations as well. These are either served to the guests or used as birthday present. Different kinds of chocolates are used in making the chocolate coins. Some use regular chocolate whereas some companies specialize in using dark chocolate to make chocolate coins. Since you can get customized chocolate coins so you can choose the preferred chocolate for your coins. You can also mix vanilla flavor in some of the chocolate coins to give a unique taste.

From basic to very challenging designs, you can get any photo, image or idea incorporated in these coins. A picture of a person or a firm integrated in the chocolate coin make a lasting impact. Using chocolate coins for business promotion or celebrating other functions offers a novel perspective with tremendous delight. So if you are looking to advertise your business with novelty along with celebrating a personal function then get your hands on customized chocolate coins.


Thinking about throwing a sports party for your kid at home but running short of unique ideas to surprise your guests? Entertain your little Olympic athletes and sports fan with chocolate medal wrapped in gold foil paper to develop a sense of accomplishment in the little kids. The edible gold medals in chocolate are delicious way to entertain little kids instead of usual boring party prizes. If you are planning to make gold medals in chocolate for little athletes then the things you will require include chocolate coins, ribbon, chopping board and knife.

To begin with preparing these medals cut a slit in the top of a chocolate coin. Do this by pressing the point of a knife near the edge of the chocolate coin. Now turn the coin over and repeat the same procedure on the other side as well to create a slit and make sure that it goes through the coin. Now get a multicolored ribbon which is typically used for medals and cut the end of a ribbon into a point. Now threat the pointy end of the given ribbon through the slits in the chocolate coins. Tie the ribbon off at the ends on both sides. With these simple tips, your own Olympic gold medal in chocolate is ready for a sports party.

Since you can customize the medals in any way, you can change them theme of the coins as well. You can get customized chocolate coins according to the theme of the party from If you are throwing a graduation party for your kid, you can get the picture of graduation hat in the chocolate coins. If you are throwing a birthday party, you can get the picture of your kid in the chocolate coins. Depending on the event, you can have several variations in these coins and later tie them in ribbons to make a medal. 

Regardless of the age group, chocolates are loved by almost all people. From Belgian chocolate to common dairy products, chocolates always make their way to daily life and special occasions as well. The increasing popularity of chocolates has encouraged the manufacturers and sellers to offer customized chocolate gifts. You can now find several popular gifts in chocolate with highly customized designs and ideas. Instead of giving a pack of chocolates, you can now get a customized product in chocolate to make a lasting impression.

When it comes to gifts made of chocolates, you can get different varieties of chocolates as well to choose from in various flavors and qualities. The price for each type of chocolate is different. You can choose from milk chocolate, caramel, black chocolate, dairy chocolate, Belgian chocolate and many more. What you need to know is the preference of a person to whom you plan to surprise with a gift in chocolate. There are many shops that offer the customization services in terms of chocolate presents such as Since girls are moved by chocolates a little more than boys, getting a customized chocolate present with her name and birthday greeting on it can do a fine job. You can also get her photo imprinted on chocolate in different design for adding a personal touch to chocolates.

One of the most loved and preferred customized chocolate present for women is chocolate truffles. They are very small and are available in different models and unique taste. Chocolate truffles come in gift boxes which make them very presentable and ideal as a present. There are several shops that specialize in supplying customized chocolate presents. All you need to do is select the right kind of chocolate flavor, your design and best packaging to make your loved ones happy.